Would you like to help with the MassME website? Work from home and by conference call with a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers! You can “start small” and decide if you would like to do more as you learn more. All new volunteers may participate in our monthly website conference call.

The following positions are open:

Writer(s): Start by writing up short news items – background information/links will be provided. Progress to longer pieces and working with Editorial Committee to help with other needed work. Work closely with our Editorial Committee and participate as desired in monthly website Editorial conference calls.
Qualifications: good writing skills, background in ME/CFS/FM content (research, issues, blogs and commentary).

Book reviewer(s): Read and write reviews of books relating to ME/CFS or FM, and appropriate for patients and families. Books for review will be provided and will become part of our library. Reviews will be submitted to our Editorial Committee for editing/approval, are copyright MassME, and may be posted on massmecfs.org. In some cases, reviewer may recommend not posting a review.
Qualifications: Good judgment and general knowledge of published books on this topic. Excellent writing skills.

Photo Editor: Suggest/select photos for possible use on the website and printed materials, subject to review by the Website and Communications committees. Photos may appear on web pages, within articles/newsletters, and on marketing materials. Start by creating “lightboxes” on stock photo sites and downloading and sizing proofs, and advising on placement. Progress to purchasing the appropriate photos, managing the photo budget, downloading and preparing photos for use. May progress to helping design and format marketing materials, such as brochures and take-ones, for commercial printing online.
Qualifications: Ability to select appropriate images, understanding their potential use on the website or in other materials. Basic knowledge of graphics editing and web/print requirements. Ability to work cooperatively in a group and to meet reasonable deadlines.

Web Analytics: Monitor our web traffic using Google Analytics. Start by looking at Google Analytics standard reports and creating summaries for the Web Committee. Set up a system we can use going forward to track site usage. Progress to helping us understand which pages and content are the most useful and where problems exist, and how to make our site more useful to our visitors. Ultimately we would like to be able to use Google Analytics code to “tag” links to PDF’s and videos.
Qualifications: Analytical bent, curiosity, willingness to ask questions, find answers and learn from documentation. Some experience with web analytics or Google analytics would be helpful. A one-year commitment is requested.

Content posting: Use our content management system to post/update content. Since this requires some training, we ask for a one-year commitment. Work on updating content on Massmecfs.org, working with graphics, and suggesting improvements to page layouts.
Qualifications: No coding or technical knowledge is needed. Most important qualification is attention to detail. Second is good writing/editing skills (grammar and punctuation) and familiarity with word processing. Some understanding of how websites work would be helpful. Ability to learn new concepts and comfort with computers can substitute for direct experience.

Needs are on-going.

Contact us to volunteer.