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More disability claims are being denied

Unfortunately, Social Security Administrative law judges are denying more claims—apparently because of political and fiscal pressures to reduce expenditures. Due to the recent recession, there has been a significant increase in Social Security claims. Therefore, to be successfu,l more care must be taken in submitting proper medical documentation of both the severity of the illness and the loss of functional capacity.

Note: Disability claims should be evaluated only according to Social Security law and regulations, no matter the actual quantity of claims. Our government has this obligation to the American people. On the bright side, Social Security has recently issued a new, more favorable Ruling on the evaluation of CFS/ME claims. See a full evaluation and explanation of the new Ruling.

Also, the two attorneys are seeing an increase in the rejection of ME/CFS and FM disability claims by long-term disability insurance companies. Companies are demanding increased "objective" proof of disability, especially in the area of functionality. Again, claims, to be successful, must be more carefully and properly documented.