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Attorney Fee Agreements for Disability Claims: What is a Fair and Legal Agreement? Read this important article before you sign a fee agreement contract with an attorney.

Avoiding the Disability Claim ‘Brush-Off’—What You Need to Know on the Pro-Health website. Two attorneys who represent CFS/ME and FM patients filing for long-term disability offer detailed advice on how best to navigate the claims process—how you and your doctor should document your disability as well as your interactions with the insurance company (Frankel and Newfield, 2011).

We wish to highlight one point made in the article about not taking a Functional Capacity Evaluation ordered by the insurance company, even if the test is not required in the policy. Before refusing a company request, it is usually best to consult an experienced attorney concerning the possible consequences of such a refusal.

Can I receive disability insurance benefits when I am unemployed?

Can I sue the insurer when I receive a denial, or must I exhaust the administration remedies offered by the plan or insurance policy? 

Can private Disability Insurance drop my coverage after I receive Social Security Disability?

Disability Discussion—Private long-term disability process is a presentation by Attorney Barbara Comerford to the NJ CFIDS Association (2010). Barbara Comerford, ESQ, has a practice specializing in disability law in the jurisdiction of New York and New Jersey. Through her work, Ms. Comerford has become a specialist in ME/CFS disability and spoke to the issues ME/CFS patients need to know. She has held a post as a board member of the NJ CFIDS Association, The CFIDS Association of America (CAA), and The American Association of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AACFS) before it became the International Association of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Disability Insurance Claims—General Information by George H. Thompson, Attorney-at-law, specialist in Long-term Disability Insurance. A comprehensive outline of issues and procedures related to long-term disability insurance.

Disability Resources A listing of contact information for organizations and agencies—primarily in Massachusetts— that assist the disabled.

Dr. Gudrun Lange Reviews Neuropsychological Testing for CFS and FM Dr. Gudrun Lange, a Newark, NJ area psychologist, reviewed the process of neuropsychological testing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and FM patients at the April 28, 2012 Educational Forum co-sponsored by the Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She has sixteen years experience testing ME/CFS and FM patients.

Health Care Benefits under LTD policies

How does a person establish CFS as a medical impairment? Although this article discusses requirements for Social Security disability, its detailed explanation is germane for establishing long-term disability ME/CFS claims.

How do we document CFS? Although this article discusses requirements for Social Security disability, its detailed explanation is germane for establishing long-term disability ME/CFS claims.

How long will private disability insurance pay if I am disabled for life? 

If I am receiving disability insurance due to a workplace injury, can I also get Social Security Disability and/or Workman's Compensation Insurance?

If You Have Disability Insurance through Your Employer

Individual Disability Policies

Long-term Disability

Long-term Disability—Advice from Attorneys

Long-term Disability Insurance and Social Security Disability

Long-term disability insurance: mental impairment limitations on benefits

Long-term disability insurance: the different types of policies

Long-term disability policies and documented cognitive impairments in CFS, FM and Lyme disease

Long-term disability policy limitations according to the type of physical illness 

Neuropsychological testing for CFS

Surveillance by long-term disability companies 

The importance of documenting functional limitations for long-term disability insurance and Social Security Disability

To test [neuropsychologically], or not

Update for patients with ME/CFS, FM, or Lyme disease on important issues affecting Long-term Disability Insurance and Social Security Disability A report of a meeting of the Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association Disability Committee with two Boston disability attorneys in Fall 2014. This article contains important information concerning LTD insurance claims. **This is a very important article for anyone applying for long-term disability benefits.**

What are my rights during the Administration Appeal process? 

What initial steps should I take if I receive a Denial of Benefits?

What is disability insurance?

What is ERISA?

What public benefits may I be eligible for?

What should I do if my disability insurer offers me a lump-sum settlement?

What should I do if my insurer asks me if I am interested in a rehabilitation program?

What should I send with my appeal?

What type of information should I bring to my first meeting with an advocate?

What type of information should I expect in a Denial Letter?

Would I need a lawyer or advocate to handle my claim?