Man with head in hands"As a rheumatologist, I am increasingly impressed that FM is primarily a neurological disorder which presents as a musculoskeletal pain syndrome."

— Robert Bennett, MD
FM specialist

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Who treats FM?

Medically, FM is classified as a rheumatological illness, and FM is most commonly diagnosed and treated by rheumatologists.

How is FM treated?

There is presently no cure for FM. Treatment is aimed at reducing pain and improving sleep.

Most often prescribed medications include anti-inflammatories, tricyclics, and pain medications.

Lifestyle measures to lessen stress, balance exercise and rest, and the avoidance of factors that aggravate symptoms are helpful.

Many individuals have also benefited from incorporating nutritional approaches, physical or occupational therapy, counseling, and peer support groups as part of their treatment.

Recently three medications, Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella, have been approved for use in the treatment of FM.

Read more about the treatment of FM. For information about Cymbala, Lyrica and Savella, read an article about a German study comparing them.