A Lecture by Dr. Anthony Komaroff

April 24, 2010

The Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association is pleased to present the video of Dr. Komaroff's recent lecture to our Association. We thank Dr. Komaroff for giving us permission to post his entire lecture on our website, where his insights can be made available to a wider audience. A written summary of the lecture is also available.

The lecture is just under one hour long. There is a table of contents so that you can view the lecture in shorter segments if you wish. However, please remember that video files are very large and take time to load, especially if you have an older computer or a slower internet connection. If you wish to skip ahead, you may find it better to skip a few slides at a time until you reach the place where you would like to start viewing.

View the lecture

If you have a slower internet connection: 

Lecture audio and slides and only

Slides only (.pdf file)

Dr. Komaroff also answered questions from the audience. This video segment is 22 minutes long.

View the Q&A

Note that videos open in a new browser window.