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CNS injury to arterial messenger system as an FM cause

It is also possible to have secondary Fibromyalgia, which can be caused by injury to spinal vertebrae and its appendages. Nerve endings for the entire body come out of the posterior tracks of the spinal cord.

Dr. Hyde thought it is very important for FM patients to have an X-ray of their entire spine, not just the anterior and posterior views, but also the oblique views. His reasoning was the patient may not have FM even though they have all the symptoms of FM, but instead have an injury to the nerve endings in the spine that pick up pain as they exit the spinal column.

Dr. Hyde went on to say that this could be genetic, but it could also be delayed injuries from an auto accident. In a seemingly minor motor vehicle accident, the neck can become hyperextended, causing the spinal cord to hyperextend and cause all the small capillaries that feed the bones in the spine to be ripped out.

Insurance companies want to settle quickly, especially if there are no broken bones. Dr. Hyde said “You should never give up your rights to sign away claims. What happens is that 5-10 years later there can be disintegration of the micro-arterial capillary system of the spinal bones, which causes arthritis and also FM.”