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Pseudo-Diagnoses are non-scientifically-testable diagnoses

In explaining what he meant by pseudo-diagnosis, including anything with the word “syndrome” or “disorder” after the name, Dr. Hyde said that the following syndromes are diagnosed on symptoms alone without any available diagnostic laboratory tests:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Non-major depression
  • Anxiety-neurosis
  • Hysteria, conversion or somatization disorder

His analogy was akin to having a headache but not knowing if it was caused by a migraine, brain cancer, or perhaps an injury to the neck, but the only thing the headache did was indicate something was wrong and should be evaluated. He emphasized that anything with the name “syndrome” or “disorder” means it is something that should be looked into.

Conversion Disorder is a situation where the patient has physical symptoms with no organic cause. It affects motor & sensory functions.

Somatization Disorder affects the gastrointestinal, nervous, cardiopulmonary, or reproductive systems.

Disorders with hysteric features typically begin in adolescence or early adulthood.