The Massachusetts Department of Public Health wants to hear from people in Massachusetts about the health care needs of disabled people in the Commonwealth to inform future initiatives. MassME wants to make sure that people who are disabled by complex, chronic illnesses such as ME/CFS, Long COVID, post-treatment Lyme, multiple chemical sensitivities, etc., and those with disabling symptoms such as dysautonomia, cognitive impairment ("brain fog"), etc., are able to have their voices heard.

We are holding two discussion sessions for small groups of 10-12 people, the first on Thursday April 20 at noon ET, and the second on Tuesday May 2 at noon ET. If you are a person who has become disabled due to one of these conditions, or a caregiver, we invite you to participate. Registration will be capped at 16 for each session, so if you are interested, we encourage you to register soon.

Register for the Thursday, April 20, session
Register for the Tuesday, May 2, session

You are the experts on this topic: the information you give will help DPH develop and improve programs for people with disabilities in Massachusetts. What you say is confidential. DPH is interested in hearing your experiences: your name will not be included in any reports.

These discussions will be the most helpful if you answer from your own experience as a person living with a disability. The topics which will be discussed include:

  • Barriers to health care access you have experienced as a person with a disability in Massachusetts
  • Unique health care concerns or priorities for disabled individuals from underrepresented communities
  • The most important factors in ensuring that disabled people have access to quality health care
  • Changes to the health care system in Massachusetts to better meet the needs of people with disabilities
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health and well-being of disabled individuals, both personally and at a community level (including mental health)
  • Anything else you’d like to share

Register for the Thursday, April 20, session
Register for the Tuesday, May 2, session

Thank you!