The Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association today is made up entirely of patient volunteers and their families and friends.

  • We maintain a website with a wide variety of quality content to educate patients, their families, health care providers, and the general public. The new website is updated frequently.
  • We provide information on a wide variety of topics relating to the illnesses, through our website, Information Telephone Line, and our email newsletter.
  • We publish an e-newsletter for distributing current ME/CFS & FM related news including information about events, conferences, lectures, recent articles, new research findings and more.
  • We provide a range of patient services for patients, including physician referral, disability counseling, support group referral, and support through our Information Telephone Line and e-mail. We are in the best position to assist individuals in Massachusetts; however, we can occasionally help those outside the region or we will refer them to their local or state patient groups.
  • We are developing new ways to educate and involve Massachusetts healthcare providers.
  • We are working cooperatively with other associations in the Northeast to develop joint programs for patients and their families, as well as healthcare provider education.
  • We wish to build our Association into a strong force for advocacy in Massachusetts, and to cooperate with other regional and national organizations in advocacy efforts both on the regional and national levels.

We promote membership in our Association as a way of affirming the commitment to our goals and financing ongoing activities.

We need and welcome volunteers, both patients and healthy people, to assist with the work of the Association.

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