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by Robert Bennett M.D., FRCP

The Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association Fall 2002 UPDATE

Editor's Note, 2015: We suggest you pass this article on to your treating physicians. Much of Dr. Bennett's treatment protocol also applies to individuals with ME/CFS, as the two conditions closely parallel each other. There has been some change in the medications recommended for FM pain since this article was written in 2002. For updated information go to the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation website maintained by Dr. Bennett's research group and click on Treatment. Also see More resources below.

If you are reading this you probably have a common syndrome of chronic musculoskeletal pain called fibromyalgia (FM). This chronic pain state is caused by abnormalities of sensory processing within the spinal cord and brain. As such you will usually experience a bewildering array of bodily and psychological problems that can seldom be "cured". However, armed with both patience and knowledge, many FM patients can be helped to live with less pain and be more productive. In my own evolving experience of dealing with this problem, I can identify seven aspects of management that are of importance for your doctor to successfully manage your FM.